Improve your online dating profile picture – Tips

There are many ways to take a photo for your online dating profile. What is shown, the pose and the environment all are factors in create a good photo. The advice below is taken from two Okcupid sources, a video and data crunching. Check out those links for more detailed information.


Women – Taking a good profile photo

The best profile photo is a selfie, specifically, an angled photo from above. Hold your camera slightly above your head and tilt it down with you looking up at it. The amazing part of this pose is that cleavage has no affect on how well it works, meaning, you can do it with or without cleavage. If you can, also make a flirting face while you look into the camera. You don’t need to, but it helps.







It should not come as a surprise that cleavage works very well. You will get many more messages. There is an interesting effect with older women who show cleavage in their photos. As women get older the number of messages drops off, but showing cleavage strongly fights against the decline. Both younger and older women will receive more messages for showing cleavage.

There is a catch to showing cleavage: you may have more messages in your inbox, but not all of them will be worth while, or high quality, messages. When it comes to low vs high quality messages from guys, there probably isn’t much you can (or want to) do with low quality messages like “Hey bb”, or “Hi grl”. To increase the chance of getting worth while, or high quality, messages you should take your photo doing something interesting, with an animal, or in a travel photo. A photo taken in bed, outdoors, drinking or with friends will net you less interesting messages.

Showing more leads to more messages (though some of those will be low quality messages)


Men – How to take a good profile photo

The most effective pose it to look away from the camera and not to smile. Flirting at the camera is just an ok pose.

If you have muscles and/or a good body then you should show it in your profile photo. It does not make you look like a meat head or anything like that to potential women, instead you’ll be rewarded with a better chance at conversing and meeting.

The catch to this is if you’re planning on showing abs then age is important. The younger you are the better. A 19 year old showing is better than a 31 year old. It’s fair to assert that if you’re older then showing abs won’t help. If you’re between 19 and 25 go for it.

For clothing in the photo, don’t get sophisticated, stick to a simple collared shirt. Lastly, the best chance for replies is to take a photo with an animal, show off muscles (if you have them), do something interesting and being with friends. Outdoors, drinking and travel photos fair aren’t as good.

Executing a good profile pose, he is looking away and not smiling. Although maybe a bit too sullen, and a bit overdressed.


Profile photo tips for women and men

An unusual or interesting photo has an above average chance of getting messages. An example would be a picture showcasing your hobby such as skydiving or cooking. If you have such a photo, then it turns out you don’t even need to show your face. The activity is interesting and not showing a face lends an air of mystery.

There is one pose or look that you can do that will hurt your chances for a first message or reply: make a flirting face looking away from the camera. This applies to both men and women, it’s the worst pose you can make. If you go the flirty route then make sure to make it at the viewer.



  • Women: Take a selfie, it works very well. Include cleavage if you want more messages (though some messages will be low quality). If you are 30+ then messages sent to you will be lower and cleavage helps bring more messages. To get higher quality messages you should be engaged in something interesting in your photo.
  • Men: Look away from the camera and don’t smile. Don’t overdress. If you are in shape then it’s ok to show your body. Skip showing abs if you are older than 25. You can also show a picture of you engaged in an activity or out with friends.
  • Both: Show yourself engaged in an unusual or interesting activity.
  • Never: Make a flirty face while looking away. A flirty face looking at the camera is ok, but try the tips above.

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