Online dating tips for men

Technological advancement has affected all facets of life, even the dating world. When we discuss the infinite possibilities of the internet, online dating has created an avenue for individuals who were hopeless in the romance department to discover love. I want to help men navigate the waters of online dating by sharing a few online dating tips…and some of these tips are results from my own online dating adventures.


Know what you want

Before you create your online dating profile, sit down and think about what you really want out of this experience. The kind of woman you would like to meet which includes her personality, hobbies, attitudes, her general disposition, qualifications etc. This will help narrow your focus on women who are a match and with who you will have the best chance of turning that first conversation into a date. Incorporate what you are looking for into a part of your profile, but write it in a positive way that won’t turn off your type of girl, but don’t make this section too long. This will also make the woman see you as someone who is focused and a guy who knows what he wants. A man who doesn’t want to play games, but someone who is serious about settling down.


Take charge

Play the lead role. Don’t expect a lady to be too forward, women still expect the guy to make the first move when it comes to dating. Ladies will expect you to play your role by taking charge. Make her feel relaxed and safe. You can ask a girl you met online for her number after the 3rd or 4th message. It shouldn’t be on the first chat otherwise she may feel as if you just want to take her for granted or you are too desperate. However, don’t delay for too long before you ask for her number or she may start to see you as just a friend and she might lose interest after a while or even stop replying your chats altogether. There is a sweet spot to this. Also, initiate the idea of meeting at a public place in a broad day light so she will feel more secure.


Don’t appear desperate

Don’t always be online as if you are jobless, it’s odd seeing the same person always online on these types of sites. The fact that it is a dating site doesn’t mean you should ask virtually all the ladies on the platform out for a date and when you reach out don’t make it look like an interview where you are just submitting a list of credentials (on one end of the spectrum) or just saying “hi” and nothing else (the other end). Try to be patient and really take the time to look for the right type of women. Feel free to message many women, but don’t go after ones who you really share no interest with. You may be missing her if you waste your time on women who don’t match up with you.


Always write simple correct sentences

Short messages and statements full of grammatical errors and typos is a turn off for any woman you reach out to. Always double-check your text for errors. Make every message a girl gets from you worthwhile. Let her always look forward to reading your messages. Women appreciate guys who put the effort in. A sloppy, typo ridden sentence in this day and age, and on an online dating site no less, is not going to fly.


See online dating as the kick-off

The site is only a platform to bring you together with someone. You will need to meet her in person to truly see how things will work out between you two and whether there is chemistry. It will most likely fall upon you, as the guy, to suggest meeting up in person. There are some women there who buck this trend, but you should be ready to.


Read success stories about online dating

Lastly, try reading about other people’s experiences in the online dating world. Specifically, read about people who met their spouses online. Make use of their experiences and what they did as a model to potentially meet your future spouse online. These stories also include tips and may discuss mistakes they made in their search. Remember, everyone makes mistakes, but persisting is the important factor.

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