Online dating profile tips to attract men

As a woman, before you create that dating profile, keep this in mind; men are visual beings. It does not matter if you have the kind of voice that turns men on even before they touch you. A man will want to see you through your dating profile before he will send that I like you message. You need to create a profile that represents who you really are to attract the kind of guys you’ll be attracted back to. The most important components of a dating profile are your photos, headline and texts. The following are some women online dating profile examples that will prompt men to message you.


Quality photos are important to get men’s attention

A photo says a lot about you. It is the crown of your profile and will be the first thing men look for. You need to use a good photo that is flattering to your particular look while revealing the best aspects of your personality.

One quick tip to grab attention is to throw a little red color into your profile picture as women wearing red in their dating profile photos are more likely to get a message than women wearing other colors. Red, unsurprisingly really, was better at grabbing men’s attention. They used red colored shirts to test this, but even some lipstick and more subtle usages of red should work.

However, it is advisable that you avoid group photos and avoid making flirty faces while looking away from the camera. Photos which show a little skin will work, but may attract the wrong type of attention if you are looking for something more serious. Please check out our recent article on how to make a good profile picture.


Be mindful of your words

Words are not created equally. The following words were used by women who scored a higher attractiveness rating:

  • Yoga
  • Athlete
  • Homeland
  • New York
  • Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Laziness
  • Physics
  • Awareness
  • Hiking

Some of these words are not surprising such as Fitness, but Laziness? Well, that actually makes sense being that “mellow” is generally seen as a good thing.

Also, a profile headline is what appears next to your profile photo. It is not as in depth as the about section, but you still need to make it stand out. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of other women seeking the attention of the same guys so focus on a unique and catchy headline.


Look at other profiles for ideas

Browse other women’s and men’s profiles for ideas. Find the profiles you like and take a little from them. Of course, you need to make your profile your own, but research what appeals to you in those profiles. Sites such as (and many others) let you browse other people’s profiles at no cost so make use of the opportunity. After you are finished writing your profile, let a friend take a look and try to get honest feedback.


The about section should be charming, concise and upbeat

I will start with a warning; avoid clichés on your about section. This section may seal the deal and convince a guy to message you.

When writing dating profile text: focus on your best qualities, highlight your specific interests, hobbies and values, be positive and confident and watch your grammar and spellings. Use this section to talk to the guy browsing your profile the way you would to a friend. Avoid a long list of wants and especially avoid a big list of negatives.

It is easy to create a dating profile, but creating a profile that attracts at least 95% positive matches is the important part. Using the above advice, you are certain to create a dating profile that will attract men your way.

It is advisable that you create dating profiles with different dating sites to increase your chances of finding that guy you have been looking for and although it might take some time to find him, do not settle. Have fun, make new friends and may you meet that one guy you have always hoped to date.


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