4 things to avoid when creating your dating profile

The purpose of an online dating profile is to help people learn more about you. It is supposed to include everything such as likes/dislikes, current relationship status, interests and hobbies, photos etc. These elements make it easier for people to understand if you are really someone they would want to date. In short, when we’re talking about dating websites; your profile really matters a lot. If you feel that you aren’t getting enough responses, try improving your dating profile.
I’ve seen many people discussing about what to add in your dating profile, however I am going to share 4 things that you shouldn’t mention in your profile.


1. Complaining about your life

If you want to attract more people, the most important thing is to remain positive. No matter how bad your life is, there’s no reason to reveal this information on your profile. It’s a huge turn off seeing people talking about how their life sucks and how they are waiting for someone to make their life better. People won’t be interested in involving themselves with negativity. You should use your profile to marketing and sell yourself.


2. Being overly generic

Sharing the same old stuff that everyone else shares isn’t a good option either. One really easy way to do that is to be specific. Actually list what your interests are and what you like to do. Avoiding going overboard with detail and writing several paragraphs. At most, stick to one paragraph per interest, or even a couple of sentences. Getting more specific is interesting and gives the person reading your profile something to connect with and potentially message you about.

An example: Don’t write “I am artistic” or “I like to play instruments”. Instead, write “I play the guitar and have been invited to play several times for my local pub.


3. Not writing about who you want to meet

Don’t skip writing about who you want to meet. It can help bring more focused first messages from other people. Many people may lack the confidence to send you a message if you aren’t being very specific. Let them read specifics on who you are looking for to help them feel like you both are a match. Mention your desired age range, professional status and the personality of your potential date. This topic is should cover about one third of your dating profile page.


4. Not Improving Your Online Dating Profile

Last but not the least; make sure you regularly update your profile page. Add in new interests or update the old ones. Don’t be afraid to add any recent events or experiences that might create a good impression with your visitors. Most of us miss out on great opportunities by choosing not to update and improve our profile details. If you’ve been off the market, then a good time to update your profile is when you go to put it back up. Use your recent experiences to specify what you are looking for.

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