How to break rapport when meeting women

Kezia Noble gives advice on how to break rapport. This advice applies to meeting women in night clubs,  bars or other noisy and crowded venues. It should be noted that this advice applies to online dating as well, just replace in person talking with your first message to her.

When you meet a woman for the first time and talk to her, eventually there will be a lull in the conversation. When the lull happens you need to leave the conversation. Tell the woman that you need to go do something (the excuse can be anything, get creative), but that you both talk later. By doing this, the woman is left wanting more.

Be sure when to leave the conversation at its first dip. If you try to bring the conversation out of the dip and fail and then leave, you are not breaking rapport and instead you are just breaking away. The woman will not be interested in talking again and she’ll be relieved that she just got out of a really uncomfortable conversation.

Men who break rapport show that they are in demand and that they have other things going on. It also gives the woman time to digest and think about you and the conversation you both just had. The woman may start to miss you and you go back to talk to the woman she might try to keep your attention and keep you talking to her. At this point, she will start putting in the effort.

As always, our advice is to get busy. Do this technique to many women throughout the night and two things will happen: you’ll build confidence (important for a number of reasons!) and the women you left behind to talk to others will see you with higher value. In online dating, this means fire those messages away and don’t fight through a lull during the message exchange, break away!

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