Waitress explains the best way to approach a woman

This waitress describes how to attract women. She says that guys who flash their money and social position are expecting her to go up to them. That she has to work for it. She says that instead she looks for the shy guys who don’t make themselves too flashy, that they will probably be more interesting. Be a gentleman, have a silly sense of humor (like using a cheesy pick up line but knowing it’s cheesy) and be yourself.

This be yourself line is hard to explain, but it means not to try to be what you think the girl you’re hitting on wants you to be. Play up the game of flirting and tension building once you’ve established a conversation, but do it as yourself rather than being an actor.

The waitress in this video is saying to not flaunt yourself and expect the girl to approach. Instead, approach the girl, don’t be arrogant, be nice, but hold back a little. If you are insecure or nervous, it can be come off as arrogance and that won’t work. You will need to stay aware of this happening and reel yourself back to your normal self. Take a drink if you need to. It’ll be practice that makes you better at this.

More practice will significantly reduce insecurities. One trick you can use is to know that each approach or conversation is simply practice and not expect it to go anywhere. Just pay attention to the flow of the conversation and where it goes. By pretending it’s just practice, you can┬áreduce nervousness and the fear of rejection.

In summary:

  • Do the approaching.
  • Don’t flaunt money, fashion, etc., it’s transparent.
  • Be aware if your insecurity/nervousness comes off as arrogance.
  • Practice reduces insecurity – treat each conversation

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