Online dating advice – Increase responses from women

The woman in the video discusses how to increase response rates from women when messaging them in online dating. She lists three reasons, that require explanation:

  1. Find commonality
  2. Trip her emotional triggers
  3. Employ Mega-messaging

Find commonality with the online dating woman you are about to message. You need to appeal to her personally. One way to do this is to ask her a question or mention something in her profile within the first ten words in your message to her. Look through her profile and find something that sticks out to you or something that you share in common. The video mentions the favorite books, movies, music and food sections in her profile as an area to tap into. An example given then is to use a lyric from her favorite song in the first sentence of your message to her.

Appealing to the woman’s emotions by tripping her emotional triggers will make her feel “special”. This technique helps make you appear credible and interested in her. The video gives the example of an online dating profile in which the woman lists deep dish pizza as her favorite food. Google different types of deep dish pizza and then bring it up in your first message to her. By relating to her, you can build trust and attraction.

It can be hard to get a response from women on dating sites. The video says that beautiful women will receive 50-100 messages a day. This means that your message might simply be overlooked by a woman who is having messages piled on her. To counter this, use a technique (called mega-messaging in the video, but is a pretty standard technique) in which you message a lot of women. Make it a job, message many women. Even if you only get a small percentage of replies back, you’ll still be getting replies.

The technique then transcends into meeting in person, as in, you should setup dates with as many different women as you can. The purpose of this is to prevent yourself from feel scarcity. If you worked your butt off to get a date with this one woman and it’s the only date you’ve had for a while, you will feel the pressure of scarcity. This scarcity may make you act weird or unusually as you push harder for a better first date and the possibility of a second date. By having many dates lined up, it’s no biggie if this one doesn’t work out. That thinking will then permeate your being and you’ll act more confidently without realizing it. The women on your dates will pick this up immediately and they may even be the ones who begin to feel scarcity.


  • In online dating, before sending the first message, research her profile. Reference something from her profile within that first message. Don’t make the first message too long.
  • Relate to the woman you would like to message by taking the next step and researching her favorite food, interest, hobby, etc. Ask an informed question about her interests in the first, or subsequent, messages.
  • Counter a low number of replies by greatly increasing the number of messages you send. Setup as many dates at the same time as possible to boost confidence and prevent the crushing feeling of scarcity.

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