Lesbian first date advice

Sarah Croce gives lesbian dating advice in this video. Sarah uses examples from her own life. She said that since her last relationship she took a break from dating to find herself and spend some quality me time and she has met someone new. Sarah believes you should be honest when you first meet someone so you can properly weed out people who you wouldn’t be a good match with. She also believes there is no hard rules on texting but make sure its an equal conversion. If you are texting too much without an equal response then stop.

Sarah suggests to not play stupid text games. Don’t wait ten minutes to text back, just text back or she will be moving on to someone else. Also Sarah thinks that going to eat dinner on the first date is a bad idea. You need to be different then the rest and stand out. Find out what she likes and do something that is centered around that. For example if she likes sweets take her to a baking class, something like that. Sarah also thinks that one should date around to find a girl they are really into.

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