Online dating advice – How to attract a nice girl

In this video Slimphattygirl gives online dating advice for men. She says that:

1) Do not post different pictures of yourself with girls in all of your pictures, it makes you look like a player. Do not post pictures of yourself drinking alcohol, you will look like an alcoholic. Do not post pictures of yourself in your boxers, you will look like a ho. Post a real recent picture of yourself.

2) Make sure you have a good user name. Don’t have a user name like cuddly bear, girls will know that you are trying to be fake sweet.

3) Do not brag about your money or show off flashy things. You don’t want to attract gold diggers.

4) If you message a girl and she doesn’t write you back don’t message her again. If you do you will look desperate.

5) You have to be realistic when it comes to attraction. Every girl is not going to look like a super model. Most girls are average, look for someone real not perfect.

6) The more messages you send the better the chances of meeting someone.

7) Be yourself and don’t lie about yourself at all. You will lose trust.

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