Review of lesbian dating apps

Foxy reviews lesbian dating apps in this clip. Before she talks about the apps she talks about the LGTB Amino app that is a community for the LGTBs where you can post and chat. She starts reviewing the apps at 2:11. Foxy talks about three lesbian dating apps:

1) Fem: Fem asks for a lot of personal information at first. People are not that easy to find but there is a meet up chat. Foxy doesn’t really like the title and wonders if you have to be fem to use Fem. Foxy gives it a 5 out of 10.

2) Lesbian Dating: Right when you log in the app shows you photos right away. When you click on someones picture all you get to see is their name age and gender. There is no personal information about them. There is a popular section that shows the users who are most in demand. Foxy did not like this app at all.

3) HER: She doesn’t really explain this app but she shows some functionality. You can scroll through profiles and it tells you who is online and people can like your profile. Foxy says that this is the best app out of the three.

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